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Market Research Transcription Services

With businesses big and small, including multinationals, vying for a competitive edge, market research is emerging as a complex and vital tool in assessing and forecasting trends based on which corporate policies can be formulated for future action.

Obviously, there cannot be any slip ups in gathering of data and in converting audio contents into text. From advertising to automotive to retailing, market research transcription services provide a vast field, posing a challenge to marketers. Fine tuning whatever data that you have assiduously built up needs to be converted into strategic position papers and that task rightfully belongs only to acknowledged experts. Come to Transcriptionwave who will make an ideal partner in transferring your data into text format, quickly, accurately and for cost considerations which are the most competitive in the industry.

You can forward the research contents to us in strict confidence, or to save on time, upload the same in audio, video or digital format, using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) at our website, or email us to kick start the process by our team of transcriptionists under the supervision of an eminent editorial team.

Our expertise spans over a wide range of standard marketing research methodology adopted by firms and freelancers. They may take the shape of recorded one-on-one interviews, group sessions, consumer forums, opinion polls and advertising research. We have them all on our radar and our verbatim analysis and text outputs can be the best and most lucid form of reports that you have ever seen!


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Our Clients

Southern Company
Charles Darwin University
DeSales University
Benenson Strategy Group
American Public Health Association
Delft University of Technology
Unity Productions Foundation
Okyanos Cell Therapy
TerraLuna Collaborative