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Price starts at $59 per hour of recorded audio. Bulk volume offer available


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Road Shows Transcription

Supporting 'Road Shows', a key marketing tool

Promotional tours, commonly known as 'road shows', are a major content in marketing and an effective tool. They are more of a weapon in politics when used as a means by candidates to garner support.

Transcriptionwave has been a pioneer in identifying the need for immediate conversion of any such proceedings to accurate word documents for the purpose of record and posterity.

Speed is the key factor in such transcriptions and we are easily accessible customer care at 773-800-2973 or by email at to take over any such assignment post haste. Customers can also upload their audio recordings to our website (click here), adding a simple inquiry form in case of larger documents that can be forwarded by file transfer protocol (FTP).

Depending on the quality and length of audio, our charges are the lowest in the industry and our error-free outputs will invariably reach our customers within 12 to 24 hrs. So, when you are deciding on your marketing mix and planning the unavoidable road shows, or when budding politicians take to the hustings on a constituency tour, remember our services are just a click away in helping you organize your track records in the most efficient and accurate way.

There is complete transparency in our standard costing of $1.15 per audio minute and you can easily verify the total incidence of cost before you entrust the assignment to us. The quality of audio supplied is the key as any background noise or disturbances can cause delay in transcription, adversely affecting the costing as well.


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Southern Company
Charles Darwin University
DeSales University
Benenson Strategy Group
American Public Health Association
Delft University of Technology
Unity Productions Foundation
Okyanos Cell Therapy
TerraLuna Collaborative