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Price starts at $59 per hour of recorded audio. Bulk volume offer available


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Human Speech-to-text Conversion Service

It is not in our grain to embellish what we have to say with fancy words and phrases that can only confuse the minds of customers. For example, the small print – conditions apply – attached to a free offer only succeeds in enticing the reader to accept something that may not be entirely free and without any strings attached. Transcriptionwave accepts trial transcription of audio bits absolutely free of cost. That is considered the industry norm to enable customers try out the quality of standard conversion service provided by a vendor. In the normal course, there is no obligatory factor attached to any such offer.

The burning issue of the day, free offer of speech-to-text software or voice recognition software, could be far too tempting to an audience that is willing and wanting to get hoodwinked to any free offer, which is becoming ubiquitous in the commercial world. But when it comes to the experimental edge of technology, the customers may be duped with an offer before they realize the nascent state of converting audio to text through the availability of freely obtained software.

Speech recognition software is today available in most of the technically savvy products like iPhone, Androids, Blackberries and the EMR/EHR/PH software as in-built for the benefit of the user. They all claim to convert speech with any accent to text format. But it is a moot point as to how far they can replace the conventional, manual transcription of audio to authentic text.

America, as you know, is a melting pot originating from English, Italian or Irish and Asian accents like Chinese and Indian. While an efficient, experienced transcriber can identify the lingo and correctly interpret a regional accent existing in any part of America, can the speech recognition software ever be envisaged to take over the function from the manual force with at least fifty per cent efficiency?

Most audio recordings that we receive today are full of background disturbances, unnecessary umphs…and aahs…, unintentional errors in speech, and so on. All these require manual correction and cannot be yet left to any form of software to remedy the situation, perhaps never.

Years of experience and expertise have gone into the making of Transcriptionwave and its efficient functioning today with a transparency that is very dear to us. Customers upload audio files in trust to our website and considerable labor go into the process of transcribing all that audio after eliminating the unwanted and in providing accurate text outputs within specified time limits.

Our cost is pre-verifiable, based on the standard of audio recording provided and we venture to convert that into text for clarity and posterity, whether it’s a dissertation for a graduate student, court proceedings for a lawyer, sermons for a priest, to multimedia industry as well as business and government functions. That is the service we provide to the industry verbatim and time is yet to come for our total content and manual contribution to get replaced by any fancy speech recognition software. So beware of that free offer unless and until you, as a customer, remain fully alert to the consequences, which can be deceptive by nature.


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Our Clients

Southern Company
Charles Darwin University
DeSales University
Benenson Strategy Group
American Public Health Association
Delft University of Technology
Unity Productions Foundation
Okyanos Cell Therapy
TerraLuna Collaborative